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How to convert Spotify to WAV format


Spotify to WAV conversion

WAV is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs. It is an application of the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) bitstream format method for storing data in "chunks", and thus is also close to the 8SVX and the AIFF format used on Amiga and Macintosh computers, respectively.

The usage of the WAV format has more to do with its familiarity and simple structure. Because of this, it continues to enjoy widespread use with a variety of software applications, often functioning as a "lowest common denominator" when it comes to exchanging sound files among different programs.

And then, you may still encounter with the cases that you need WAV audio tracks, like converting Spotify audio tracks to WAV format.

Spotify Audio Converter is the right Audio Converter tool to help you convert to WAV formaty from your DRM protected Spotify songs and playlists with excellent output quality and super fast conversion speed.

In addition, you can also use Spotify Audio Converter to convert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, and FLAC format with almost 100% quality kept as you need.

Step-by-step guide to convert Spotify to WAV format

Step 1. go to download and install Spotify Audio Converter Platinum for Win and run it.

If you are a Mac user, please download the Spotify Audio Converter for Mac version.

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Step 2. Drag Songs or playlist From Spotify to Spotify Audio Converter.

Click "+" icon or click center of Spotify Audio Converter Platinum, then you will see a pop-up window which indicates you to drag and drop the songs or playlist here.

To drag your Spotify songs in, just open Spotify application, check the songs or playlist you would like to convert, then drag them to add window.

Add Spotify songs to convert

Step 3. choose Output Format and adjust Settings

Directly click setting button on the program interface to open the Setting window. And in the output formats settings, just choose WAV format.

In the output settings, you could change the output path you save the converted files to.

Spotify to WAV

Step 4. Click "Convert" to start Conversion

Now you can click "Convert" button to start conversion.

Converting Spotify to WAV

After the conversion, you now get the almost 100% quality of unprotected WAV Spotify songs in the format. Now you can share them as you like, for example, you can burn the converted audio tracks to CD or email them to your family or friends with following the local law.

Get Spotify Audio Converter Platinum full version with $39.95:

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