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Macsome Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why the output file is only 3 minutes long?

A: When you download and install the software, it's the limitation of trial version before you purchase the software. After you have bought a single user license, we'll send you a key/code to unlock the limitation.

What files iTunes Converter can convert?

A: Any audio files you can play on iTunes, including iTunes Music files, iTunes Match Music files, downloaded Apple Music files, and unprotected and DRM protected Audiobooks.

Why I can't split my audio files?

A: The Split functions only works for converted audios. After your conversion, you can choose the files and use the Split button to split your audios.

Since Version 2.0.0, the iTunes Converter can't support the Split function any more.

I forget my registration info, how to find it back?

A: Write to our Support Center ( by email with your order number or the email address used to purchase the product, they will help you find the registration information.

Can I convert the audiobooks i purchased?

A: Of course. Any audiobooks which can be played on iTunes, can be converted by iTunes Converter for Win.

How to solve the problem of "Conversion Failed" when converting iTunes music

A: [1]. At first, please make sure you are running the latest version of Macsome program, otherwise please directly download the latest version of Macsome iTunes Music Converter.

[2]. Please make sure your original audio can be played on iTunes normally. -- If it is a purchased M4P music from iTunes, please make sure your computer is well authorized with the same Apple ID that you used when downloading the iTunes music.

[3]. Please check whether the problem happen to certain music files or not. If it is, please re-convert the music for a try.

[4]. Please check whether is there any external audio device connected with your computer including USB, Wi-Fi, Airplay, Bluetooth and HDMI, etc. If it is, please disconnect them and retry.

[5]. After clicking "Convert", please open iTunes window and check whether is there any pop-up blocking message (such as download, authorization, update...). If it is, please resolve them and retry.

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