How to record my voice to make a song


Some people may have thought to record their own singing mixed with music for playback. The process is either complicated or the final record effect far from good, this is annoying. You may ask that How can I record my voice to make a song? Here is a smart tool - Macsome Audio Recorder that can perfectly solve such issues.

Macsome Audio Recorder is a good recording program capable of a lot of things. With Macsome Audio Recorder, you can record any audio on the Mac from Microphone or the applications like,,, etc. You can record the audios from different platforms simultaneously. You can also set auto-split settings according to the recorded duration or size. And the silence monitor can remove the mute segments when the audio level drops below a specified threshold.

Easiest way to Record your voice to make a song

If you need an easy way to record your voice to make a song, this article will tell you how to record your song with Macsome Audio Recorder. At first, you can free download the program the program, install and launch it.

Mac Version Download

Step 1. Add recording device.

Click the Add Device button to open the adding window. The recording devices detected on your Mac will be shown in the Input Devices drop-down list. You can choose the device Internal microphone and click the OK button to add.

Add Internal Microphone to record

Step 2. Customize the output format.

On Recording tab, click the Output Format drop-down list and select the format For streaming music. It is the specifically customized format for recording songs.

Set Stream music as output format

Step 3. Start the recording

You can click the record icon to start device recording, for device needs not load at first. Then you can start sing your song with the music.

Recording sound from Microphone

Step 4. Split the recording.

When one song is finished, you can click the split icon to finish the recording and start a new one.

Until you want to finish the recording, you can click the recording button to stop the recording. Switch to the Record Bin list and check the recorded files.

The recorded songs can be previewed on the Record Bin list. And you can edit tags info for the recorded songs and add them to iTunes library quickly by clicking the iTunes button, so that you can transfer the recorded songs to your iPod or iPhone. And with Macsome Audio Recorder, it is easy to burn your songs to CDs.

It makes real-time audio recording easy and fast, no matter where the audio comes from on your Mac.

Download Macsome Audio Recorder for free:

Mac Version Download


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