How to split MP3 files


Sometimes the MP3 file is too big for you, and what you need is only some one segment. The following is the steps to split MP3 files to segments with the freeware.

Steps to split MP3 files on Mac for free

1. Download Audio Splitter and install it on your Mac, then run it.

Mac Version Download

2. Add MP3 file. Click the Add button and select a MP3 file in the pop-up window, then click the Open button to add the file to the list.

Add MP3 files to split

3. Set splitting settings. Select the MP3 file and click the Split button to open the splitting settings window.

Split MP3

4. Choose the option Split into and input 4 as the segments number. There are 3 splitting modes in the splitting settings window.

Split MP3 Option

5. Start splitting. Just keep the default output path and click the OK button. The splitting will be finished in a few seconds with the clip in the list.

Split MP3


Download Free Audio Splitter for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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