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Spotify Music Service

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that was officially launched on 7 October 2008. It is developed by startup Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden. ... Music can be browsed through or searched for by parameters such as artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label.

Unlike iTunes, which is essentially an online music store for digital downloads, Spotify is a streaming music service. That means you have immediate access to all the music stored in Spotify's online database for one low monthly fee.

There are over 82 million songs in the Spotify library. That's one song for every second of every day for almost a year (347 days).

Streaming on Spotify is absolutely free, but there are certain features that you miss out on. You can skip tracks, but only a certain number. After that, you're stuck listening to the song that's playing for a certain period of time. You'll also hear ads between tracks and have some other on-demand limitations.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

There have long been 2 tiers of Spotify listening: Free and Premium (£9.99 per month). And they each offer different capabilities and limits, depending upon which device you are using to access Spotify.

A paid subscription is $9.99 per month, which gives you total access to everything Spotify has to offer, including offline listening and Spotify Connect, which lets you use your Spotify app as a remote to play Spotify on supported devices.

Spotify Premium
Spotify Free
Monthly Price
$9.99 (or $14.99 for a 6-account family deal)
More than 82 million songsMore than 82 million songs (minus certain recent releases for up to 2 weeks)
AvailabilityPCs, smartphones, connected devices, Smart TVs, PS3 & PS4, Android Auto, Apple Carplay
PCs, smartphones, connected devices, Smart TVs, PS3 & PS4, Android Auto, Apple Carplay
Special Features
Ad-free listening; Offline listening; Unlimited Skips; Mobile Streaming
Mobile Streaming

You can listen to Spotify pretty much everywhere. That includes your PC, smartphone, connected devices, PS3 or PS4, Smart TVs or any car equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. In this regard, it doesn't matter if you pay for Premium, as Free users connect to all of the same devices.

How to Choose Spotify Free and Spotify Premium

If you're the kind of music lover who doesn't mind turning on your speakers and letting Spotify take control, Free might still be right for you. No matter where you go (where you can get a signal), you'll always have access to your tunes.

But if you need to hear the latest songs, control the playlist, save offline and avoid ads, you'll probably want to pay for Spotify Premium.

Spotify Audio Converter

Spotify to MP3, AAC

Spotify supports users kinds of conveniences to listen to music, but you can't transfer them to other MP3 player devices, which is protected by DRM.

If you want to transfer and copy Spotify Music files to Apple Music, PSP, Walkman, iPod and so on, Spotify Audio Converter can download Spotify music and save them to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC with faster speed and lossless quality.

Download Spotify Audio Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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