iOS 11.2 was released on December 2, 2017



December 2, 2017, iOS 11.2 adds Apple Pay Cash, faster charging, better stability, and more.

One of the marquee features of iOS 11.2 didn't actually ship yet. I'm talking about person-to-person Apple Pay in the U.S. (Yes, sadly it's U.S.-only at launch.) Apple pushed iOS 11.2 out a few days early to patch a date-related springboard crash but the server-side component for P2P Apple Pay still isn't going live until early this week. I've had a chance the chance to try out person-to-person Apple Pay a little early and I really like it. We see how it holds up when it goes wide. (Perhaps by the time you're reading this, it will have already.)

Several emoji have been tweaked in iOS 11.2. Emojipedia has the full set of changes but they include a return to a proper glass of Whiskey, a new, cuter ant, a more Leica-like camera, and a better metallic finish to all the cutlery.

iPhone X wireless inductive QI charging

iOS 11.2 also brings faster inductive charging to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X owners. It's up to 7.5w now. It's still not as fast as wired charging over Lightning but it will make your charge pads charge just a little bit faster. I've been using it through the betas and, while it's definitely a nice to have, if you're primarily using inductive charging overnight like I am, it won't make a real difference to you. If you're charging interstitially at your desk it might give you a bit of a faster boost.

There are three new live wallpapers for iPhone X. There's one that's all reds and oranges, another that's all blues and greens, and a third that swirls together almost all the colors. They're a nice addition and contrast to the cleaner gaussian blurs and nature-themed clouds that were already included.

HealthKit now supports downhill snow sports. Hopefully, I'll get to try those out this winter. There's also a new Sports section in, including a Sports tab and sports-related notifications.

Control Center on iPhone X now displays a transparent indicator on Lock screen... which I really don't like. I get that Apple has help people with the new Control Center location but I hope they find a better way of doing it. Or simply move Control Center to the fast app switcher the way it is on iPad.

There's also a new explainer screen that pops up the first time you toggle Wi-Fi or Bluetooth off. It covers the new behavior which is more of a temporary disconnection than a real on-off switch for the radio. This doesn't really solve the problem with the new behavior, it just makes sure people are aware of it.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth of iOS 11.2

Screen recording, if you have it enabled in Control Center will now end neatly without including the end-recording dialog. So. Much. Better.

Siri can now handle basic music control even when not connected to the internet. It's not much, but play, pause, resume, skip, next, etc. all work even when in airplane mode. (It's especially handy if you use AirPods on a flight and want to control playback while offline.)

Lastly, but importantly, iOS 11.2 fixes the calendar bug that caused local notifications to crash springboard on December 2. It also fixes the I.T. misfire in autocorrect, and the animation delay issue in Calculator that caused rapid tapping to lock out registration of every second operator.

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