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Game of Thrones Season 7

The latest songs of ice and fire are coming home in less than two months: The soundtrack to Game of Thrones season 7 has a Sept. 29 release date, according to a pre-order listing on Amazon.

The album, containing compositions from Ramin Djawadi, will be available as a CD and digital release. Though no details on the tracks were provided, fans have already heard the difference in his score through moments like the oceanic fight in this season's "Stormborn" and the explosive battle in "The Spoils of War."

Earlier this year, Djawadi brought his music to the people with the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, complete with theatrical pyrotechnics for accompaniment. "I think that's what so great about Game of Thrones, that there is such a variety of music; the variety is what's fun about it," he told EW. "There's a lot of preparation in getting all the little nuances right and all."

In a recent featurette for the HBO drama (shown below), Djawadi explained, "The biggest challenge was just finding the right tone for the show that when you hear the score that you know this is Game of Thrones. From the beginning we knew that we wanted themes, but we also knew we couldn't have too many themes right away because there's obviously a lot of different characters, there's a lot of different Houses, there's a lot of plots, and if you convolute it too soon, I think it actually would’ve been confusing for the audience.”

For the season 7 score, he told Billboard in an interview that the "music has to rise" to match the scope of the action. "[The dragons have] grown so much that musically I was able to push in both directions — emotional and action-packed," he said. "A lot of times it's very dialogue-heavy and the music stays in the background so I use solo instruments like cello and violin. But now as we're coming to the end with big scenes I can use bigger string sections and brass and choirs and get much bigger orchestra sounds."

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