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How to Play Apple Music on Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL


Google Pixel is a line of consumer electronic devices developed by Google that run either Chrome OS or the Android operating system. The Pixel brand was introduced in February 2013 with the first generation Chromebook Pixel. The Pixel line includes laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as several accessories. Google announced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL at an event on October 9, 2018, alongside several other products.

play Apple Music on Google Pixel 3

Apple Music is one of the biggest music streaming services for you. With Apple Music, you can access millions of songs, curated radio and playlists, video content, and music recommendations, all in the Apple Music app. You can also access all of your content across other devices, as long as you're signed in to Apple Music with the same Apple ID, and download content to listen to offline.

If you got a new Google Pixel 3 and may want to know how to play Apple Music on Google Pixel 3. If you have subscribed Apple Music service, you can find Apple Music for Android App from Google Play and install it on your new Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Log into your Apple ID and choose artists that you like, and start enjoying the greatest collection of music from Apple Music on your Google Pixel 3.

However, Apple Music for Android app isn't as well as Apple Music on iPhone, in the following we will provide an alternative solution to enables you to play Apple Music songs on Google Pixel 3 without Apple Music for Android App.

Guide to Play Apple Music on Google Pixel 3 without App for Android

Generally speaking, Apple Music are limited with FairPlay, in other words, you can't transfer or move them freely. Don't worry, Macsome iTunes Converter is such a tool which helps users to record Apple Music. Thus, users can easily copy and move the converted Apple Music files without limitations.

Step 1. Go to free download the latest version of iTunes Music Converter, and follow the instruction to install and run.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 2. Click "+" button, and choose the music files you want to convert, and then click "OK". Not you have added the downloaded Apple Music files to the program.

Please make sure that you have downloaded the Apple Music files you want to convert and they can work normally on your iTunes.

Add downloaded Apple Music songs

Step 3. Click the setting icon to set the output format or output folder.

Here are four choices including MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV for you to choose.If you have some special need, you can also reset the related audio parameters.

Preferences output Settings

Step 4. Click the "CONVERT" button to start your Apple music converting.

Converting Apple Music songs to MP3

Step 5. Transfer Apple Music songs to Google Pixel 3.

Insert the Pixel 3 to a free USB port on your PC, you can find the converted Apple Music songs in the history folder. And then you can select the music files you wish to transfer to your phone. Drag the files in to the Music folder. Now you can listen to any Apple Music songs on Google Pixel 3 with ease.

The conversion process is so easily and quickly, why not free download it and take a try.

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