Some of your Questions:

Q.Why can I only convert the first 1 minute of each audio?

Macsome Deezer Music Converter for Mac has a free trial version, which only allows users to convert the first one minute of each tracks and convert 3 songs to test. To unlock this restriction, please purchase a license.

Q.What's the differences between Macsome Deezer Converter and other Deezer conversion tools?

With a Deezer Web Player embed, you don't have to install Deezer Music app on your Mac, just login your Deezer Web Player, and then you can download Deezer music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC.

Q.I have received the license information. How to register Deezer Music Converter?

Step 1: You can directly click the icon to open the registration window and complete the registration process. You can also click the icon on the top-right user interface, and choose "Register" option in the drop-down list, you will get the following registration window.

Register Deezer Music Converter

Step 2: Copy and paste the registration Email and Code into the registration popup dialog, then click "OK".

Register Deezer Music Convertersuccessfully

Q. What can I do if I get the message "Invalid Code" when trying to register?

1: First please make sure that you have downloaded the right program.

2: The registration code is case sensitive. And, please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word. You can also copy and paste the Email address and Code into the registration popup dialog.

3: If you are sure that you are running the right program and following the direction but still get the error message, please contact our support team for help.

Q. What kinds of music format the program supports? What output format can it export?

Deezer Music Converter supports downloading any Deezer music, including tracks, playlists, albums, etc. It supports MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC output formats.

Q. Can I convert the entire playlist from Deezer?

Of course, you can. It supports converting the entire playlist. You can select a playlist and click "Add to list" button to import the whole playlist to the Deezer Music Converter.

Q. The output audio quality is unsatisfied, how to improve the output quality?

Please set the output format as MP3, bitrate as 320kbps. To customize output settings, please click on the icon at the top right-hand corner of interface, then set "MP3" as output format, "(320kbps)" Bit Rate in the pop-up window.

set audio quality

Q. How to contact us when you encounter with "Conversion Failure"?

If above solutions still cannot fix your problems, please provide the following information to our support team via [email protected]. We will reply to your message within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekend. And we will submit your feedback to our developer and inform you if the solution is available.

  • 1. Which Mac OS are you using? 32 bits or 64 bits?
  • 2. What is the output format you choose?
  • 3. Please send us Deezer song or playlist links which you converted for a test.
  • 4. Please send us two log files. You can find them by clicking the icon, and select Open Log File. Then click the logs folder and you will see the log files, please send us all the log files.