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Online Tutorial of Audio Recorder

How to add recording device

Section 1: How to add device

Click the Add Device button or through the menu File-> Add Input Device, then a window pops up.

Add device to record

Then select a device in the Input Devices drop-down list and add to the record list.

Add device to record

Section 2: How to add application

Click the Add Application button or through the menu File-> Add Application, then a window pops up.

Add Applications to record

In the adding window, select an application (e.g. iTunes) and click the OK button to add.

Add Applications to record

How to record audio

Step 1: Load the application.

Click the   Add Applications to record   button to load application. If the application has already launched before Audio Recorder starts, the application needs to be restarted. And you can use the device directly and no need to load.

Step 2: Start the recording.

Click the   Recording audio   button to start the recording. The device or application will start recording and show the duration / size info when the audio is detected.

Click the   Pause Recording audio   button to pause the recording.

Click the   Mute the sound   button to mute the sound of application.

Step 3: Customize the output path.

Select the application and click the Inspector button. Then select General tab in the Setting window. Click the Output path drop-down list and select Custom to customize the output path for the application. You can also use the default path ~/ Documents / Record Bin.

Set the output path

Step 4: Customize the output file naming

File Naming contains 3 kinds of named elements: Date, Name, Time. You can use one or all of elements with different order and quantity to compose the file naming.

Naming method

Step 5: Customize the output format.

In the Output Format drop-down list, select Custom to customize the output format and parameters. The For spoken word and For streaming music formats with the fixed value don't support customizing the parameters.

Set the output format

Step 6: Finish the recording

Click the   Finish recording   button to finish the recording and the state will change from Record On to Record Off. The recorded file will be saved to Record Bin.

Record Bin


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