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Online Tutorial of Audio Editor

Screenshot of Audio Editor

After you run Audio Editor, you will see the friendly user interface. And it is very simple to edit audios and make ringtones quickly.

Screenshot of Audio Editor

Select & Play Controls List: Use Select & Play Controls to select portions of audio. This audio can then be cropped around, cut, or faded.

Editing controls List: Editing controls enable you to remove and adjust audio as described below.

How to audio files

Open ->Click Open Audio button, select the files and click "OK" to add them.

Add Audios to edit

You can also drag the audio file to the list directly from your disc or other location. Or through the menu item File-> Open to add the audio file to the main list.

The menu item File->Open Recent can keep the recently added history of 10.

How to select audio region

During playing audio, you can drag and select the region accurately by clicking the StartSel / EndSel button.

Step 1: Play audio firstly and click the StartSel button to start the selection. You can restart the selection during the playing at any time.

Select audio region

Step 2: Click the EndSel button to end of region selection. And you can pause or stop the playing to end of region selection.

Select audio region

Users can drag the selected region to adjust the position, and the selected region can be played alone. Besides you can select all or deselect by right-click. And you can also deselect by the menu Edit -> Deselect or clicking the unselected region.

How to edit audio

When you crop audio, fade in/ out audio or delete/ copy/ cut/ paste with the selected fragment, please make sure the audio isn't playing.

Section 1: Crop audio

Get the special fragment to deal with the details by cropping audio. After clicking the Crop button, the selected fragment will be added to the program as a new file, and you can free to edit.

Crop audio

Section 2: Fade in/ fade out audio

Select a fragment of the audio that is not pasted and click the FadeIn / FadeOut button, the waveform of selection will gradually increase form the axis/decrease to the axis.

Fade in: The volume of sound is gradually increased from zero, just like one person from a great distant singing while walking towards to you.

Add Fadein effect

Fade out: The volume of sound is gradually decreased to zero, just like one person from a close distant singing while walking away to you.

Add Fadeout effect

Section 3: Delete audio

In the main window, click Delete to remove the selected part. Or you can also delete the part audio by right-click or through the menu Edit.

Delete some one audio segment

How to create ring tones

Click Ringtones button to save the entire audio or a section as the iPhone ring tones to desktop. Please ensure that the time of fragment is not more than 40 seconds.

Newly created ring tones will automatically overwrite files with the same name.

How to save audio

Step 1: After you deal with the audios, click the Save File button, and the save window pops up.

Save edited files

Step 2: In the save window, input audio name in Save as text box. You can also use the default name AudioEditorSaved.

Step 3: Choose the destination in Where drop-down list.

Step 4: Customize audio settings according to your requirements.

Tips: Wav and caf don't support the customized settings.

Step 5: After finishing audio settings, click Save to save the file. And you can save file by right-click or the menu File. The save window has the same function on Save Selection.


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