How to rip audiobook to MP3


Why would people want to rip .aa to MP3?

The simple answer would be because you paid for it and wish to listen to it however you want.

People may just want to listen to them on their chosen player, having no intention of giving it to other people. And when people want to listen to them in the car, they could only burn audio book on CDs. Because of the CD standard, you may need 8 CDs for a 160M audio book file.

People couldn't make it future proof. When close down or you format my computer and can't get online to enter your username and password.

If you rip your audio books into MP3 files, all the problems doesn't exist any more.

Step 1: Download and install Macsome AudiobookConverter

You may download it from our download page. Then install it. Before you bought a license, you could only convert 3 minutes for each audio books your want to convert.

Step 2: Select audio books you want to convert

Run the software and it loads all playable audiobooks from the iTunes Books library automatically.

Add audiobooks to convert

Step 3: Set the output format and output path.

Click the Profile dorp-down list to choose the output format as you need.

Set the output format

To save the converted file, just click the Macsome AudioBook Converter menu and select Preferences to customize the Output Settings by clicking Choose... to set the destination.

Step 4: Start converting

Press Convert button or click the menu Control->Start Converting.

convert audio books

Download AudioBook Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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