How to split audio recording

Macsome Audio Recorder with auto splitting is convenient for you to manage the audio recordings. You can split audio recording automatically or manually.


1. Download Macsome Audio Recorder and install it on your Mac, then run it.

2. Add iTunes application. Click the button Add Application and select iTunes app in the pop-up window, then click the Open button to add the to the Records list.

Add iTunes App to record

3. Load iTunes application. Click the button Load Application to launch the iTunes.

Add iTunes to record

4. Check on the option "Start a new file". Select iTunes and click the Inspector button to open the Setting window. There are 2 options to split audio recording automatically. Check on the option Start a new file on the General tab. You can choose a splitting unit and input the splitting value. For example, setting 3 minutes as the splitting value.

Split iTunes Recorded audios

5. Set For streaming music as the output format. Then select Recording tab in the Setting window. Click the Output Format drop-down list and select For streaming music as the output format.

Set Stream music as output format

6. Play iTunes music and Start recording. Play iTunes music and click the Start or Pause Recording button to start recording.

Record iTunes Audios

When the recording is up to 3 minutes, the iTunes will produce a 3 minutes file and continue to record a new one. You check the recorded file on Record Bin list.

7. Split manually. During recording, click the Record to new file button to produce a new file manually and continue to record a new one. You check the recorded file on Record Bin list.

Record iTunes Audios and split


  • If the application has already launched before Macsome Audio Recorder started, you will be reminded to restart the application when you load it.
  • If you set the output path, name, format and tags during the recording, the modified settings will work when you start a new recording.
  • You can remove the mute audio from the recording file with the silence monitor.
  • You can quickly add your recording files to iTunes and burn CDs.


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