How to split audiobooks by chapters

Most audio books contain chapters to record easily and quickly to find the section you want to continue. But the durations of most audio books are very long. Maybe you want to save or share only some excellent chapters.

Macsome Audiobook Converter is the good audio book splitter to split your audio books by chapters. What's more, it can keep the segments named after chapters. It's really helpful and convenient for you to organize the audio books.

Step 1: Set the splitting settings.

Click the Split button and then check on the Split during converting to choose a method to split your audio books.

Split audio books by chapter

When you want to split the audioboos by chapter, please check on the option Split by chapters.

If you haven't set Accessibility in Mac preferences, a window will pop up when you check the Split by chapters option. And setting accessibility in Mac preferences on Mac OS 10.9.x is different from Mac OS earlier. You can know how to set them as follows:

Section 1: Split by chapters on Mac OS 10.9.x or later

For Mac OS 10.9.x or later users, when you select the option Split by chapters, click Open System Preferences button and click the lock icon to make changes in the Security & Privacy window. Then select the Accessibility in the left side area and check the app checkbox on the Privacy pane.

Section 2: Split by chapters on Mac OS 10.8.x or earlier.

For Mac OS 10.8.x or earlier users, when you select the option Split by chapters, Then click Open System Preferences button and check the Enable access for assistive devices checkbox in the Universal Access window.

Step 2: Customize segment file name.

Click the Macsome Audiobook Converter menu and select Preferences to customize the segment file name on the Advanced tab.

Advanced settings

Step 3: Select the files to convert.

Select the file that contains the chapters and check on the files from the list.

Split audio books by chapter

Click the Convert button to start splitting.

Split audio books by chapter

Tips: When the audio book has only less than one chapter, it will be saved as the original file.

During the conversion, Macsome Audiobook Converter will split the files by chapters and the outputs will be saved in a folder named after the source file. Now you can enjoy the split audio books chapter by chapter separately.


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