FAQs of iTunes Converter

General Questions

Why the output file is only 3 minutes long?

A: It's the limitation of trial version. After you have bought a single user license, we'll send you a key/code to unlock the limitation.

What I need to do when using iTunes Converter?

A: You should quit iTunes before running iTunesConverter, and you'd better don't user iTunes while converting. Because we need iTunes to play your audio book background. Any operations on iTunes while converting may affect the result.

Which kind of audio formats could be converted?

A: Any audio files that could be played on your iTunes, could be converted by iTunesConverter, including music file you purchased, audio book you bought from Audible, etc.

Why I can't select the audio file to convert?

A: Please make sure that the audio file is in the Library of your iTunes.

It seems Error when working on iTunes 12.2, how to solve it?

A: For iTunes 12.2 users, if you want to use Macsome iTunes Converter to convert your Apple Music files as well, before the M4P to MP3 conversion, you need to change an option of iTunes to support our Converter. Please do as following steps:
1. Run iTunes, go Preferences, Advanced.
2. Check on the box of Share iTunes Library Xml files.
3. Quit iTunes.

Can it convert Apple Music files?

A: Yes, the iTunes Converter uses 5X recording and encoding technology so as to remove DRM from Apple Music files.

Launch Error Problems and Solutions

I can't find all the Apple Music files on the file list to add.

Please make sure that you have downloaded Apple Music and them can be played normally.

I have checked ShareXML through the iTunes settings, but the programs still pops up the check tips.

Just cancel the iTunes sharexml, check it, and relaunch the program.

After I click the Add button, i can't find the music files i want to convert?

First of all, please make sure that you have downloaded the music files or not you want to convert. Or you can delete /User/username/Music/ xml file (via the default path), restart the iTunes (xml file will be created automatically). Then relaunch the program to convert your music files.

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