Tool to Delete iTunes FairPlay

Macsome iTunes Converter is a great helper when you remove iTunes DRM protection from iTunes audio files with super fast conversion speed.

With it, you can not only remove iTunes audio DRM, but also convert all the music files to MP3, AAC and WAV with high CD quality output and fast conversion speed.

Remove DRM from iTunes Audio Tracks

Macsome iTunes Converter removes iTunes DRM quickly by recording the playing audios and converting iTunes audio files silently, so the process of converting is totally legal and safe, even you want to remove DRM from Apple Music files.

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Main features of iTunes Music Converter

  • DRM Removal for iTunes Music & Apple Music.
  • Convert iTunes audio files to MP3, AAC or WAV format.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Customize output audio format.
  • Keep chapter info of Audiobooks when output format is AAC.
  • No extra disk space needed.
  • Keep ID tags information.
  • Fast converting speed.
  • CD quality output files.
  • Easy to use.

All-in-one iTunes DRM remover for protected Audio files

Digital rights management (DRM) schemes are various access control technologies that are used to restrict usage of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works.[1] DRM technologies try to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted works (such as software and multimedia content), as well as systems within devices that enforce these policies.

Apple's FairPlay DRM is applied to EPUBs and can currently only be read by Apple's iBooks app on iOS devices and Mac OS computers.

As a professional iTunes DRM Removal tool, Macsome iTunes Converter is designed exclusively to remove DRM from protected audio files, like Apple Music,purchased Music, iBooks and the like. If you are bothered by iTunes DRM and you can't play your favorite music files on your Sony Walkman or other audio players, Macsome iTunes Converter will be your best choice and great helper to remove DRM from iTunes Store or Apple Music Store.

iTunes Music Converter

Macsome iTunes Converter is not only an excellent tool to remove DRM but a competent Apple music Converter, doing well on converting M4P to MP3, converting M4A to MP3, converting M4B to MP3, converting from AA, AAX to MP3 and so on.

Apart from MP3, Macsome iTunes Converter also supporting converting iTunes audio files to AAC and WAV formats. Actually, the DRM removing and audio file converting are undergoing at the same time.

Besides, you can customize the output audio formats flexibly according to the requirements of your audio players.

Fast speed and CD Output Quality

Macsome iTunes Converter removes iTunes audio DRM and converts iTunes to MP3, AAC or WAV with fast speed and the output files would be with high audio fidelity, so don't worry the DRM removing will take up you a long time or the conversion will spoil the original audio quality.

ID Tags Preserved

Macsome iTunes Converter will preserve the ID tags information of iTunes music files after the conversion, and this DRM Remover supports you editing the files' ID tags flexibly.

Remove DRM Audio Files in Batches

Macsome iTunes Converter enables you to remove iTunes DRM in batches.

Easy to use

Macsome iTunes Converter is designed quite user-friendly. Everyone can use this iTunes Music Converter to deal with protected Audio tracks easily and quickly.

Purchase iTunes Music Converter for Mac online Free Download iTunes Music Converter for Mac