iPod File Transfer - Transfer files among ipod, iphone, Mac | Manage iPod content without iTunes

How to copy files from iPod to iPod

When you want to copy files from your iPod to your friend's iPod. The normal is impossible. You may have to copy the video file from your Mac which with iTunes installed, to your friend's Mac. Then he imports the video to his iTunes, plug iPod to his Mac, sync content.

It's really time consuming, and the steps to finshed the operation are really complex. And, maybe you only take your iPod with you, and Mac is at home. So, the copy operation is impossilbe...

Macsome iPodTransfer will help you! No need iTunes any more. Just plug the 2 iPods onto your Mac, then run iPodTransfer. Simple as drag and drop to copy files between iPods.

It support iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPhone...

Step to copy files among iPods

Step1: Connect Your iPods/iPhone to Mac.
You can connect more than 2 iPod / iPhone.

Step2: Open the export iPod's library/playlist that you want to export files from it. And select the files you want to transfer.

Step3: Drag these selected files to the device list and locate the iPod that you want to export files to it.

Warning: Please make sure that your iTunes is closed when you run Macsome iPod Transfer for Mac.

Convert AA to MP3 or AAC
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AudiobookConverter doesn't crack any DRM control.

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playing purchased music
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Have you ever purchased music online from iTunes or other vendor?

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Backup music from iPod to Mac
copy files from Mac to iPod

Want to copy files from your iPod to your Mac?

Want to copy files on your Mac into iPod?

Want to transfer some files from your iPod to your friend's?

Do you feel iTunes is too complex to use?

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