Macsome Audio Splitter to Cut MP3 Free

Free of charge and no limitation to cutting MP3, once you download Audio Splitter, this MP3 Cutter will completely belong to you.

Any kind of unprotected MP3 audio format can be well cutted by Macsome Audio Splitter into small audio pieces, and you will be satisfied with and amazed by their high output audio quality. Besides, Macsome Audio Splitter supports batch importing MP3, and you can split MP3 file one by one according to your different requirement for each MP3 file. Just wait a second, you can get your favorite MP3 audio segments. What's more, you can preserve MP3 ID tags during MP3 cutting, and edit the MP3 ID tags when the cutting is finished.

In a word, this user-friendly MP3 Cutter, though it is a MP3 cutting freeware, is excellent in MP3 cutting, and just with a few mouse clicks, you can get your satisfied MP3 audio parts.
Note: actually, Macsome Audio Splitter also supports cutting unprotected AAC audio files.

How to cut MP3 audio with Macsome Audio Splitter?

With Macsome Audio Splitter, cutting MP3 into small audio pieces is just a few mouse clicks away. The following will show you how to cut MP3 easily and quickly.

>Step1. Download Free Macsome Audio Splitter, install and run it.

>Step2. Select MP3 files for cutting.

Press "Add" button to add MP3 files which need cutting to the file list of Macsome Audio Splitter.

Tips: when batch import MP3 files, you need the help of the hot key: "Ctrl" or "Shift". Or you can simply select and drag MP3 audio into the file list directly.

>Step3. Press "Split" to start cutting MP3 files.

Select one added MP3 file, and then click the button "Split". And a settings window will pop up immediately when your press "Split" button.

1. Here you need to choose a way to cut MP3 files: cut MP3 by seconds or by parts.
2. Choose a destination folder to save your splited MP3 segments, or save the MP3 segments to the default documents - AudioSplitter.

When finish all the settings, press "OK" button on the settings window, and Macsome Audio Splitter starts cutting MP3 files in a second.

>Step4. Find output splited MP3 files and edit their ID tags as you wish.

When MP3 cutting is finished, select a MP3 segment on the file list, right click your mouse and from the context menu choose Show in Finder to retrieve the splited MP3 segment.

if want to customize the ID tags of the splited MP3 segments, select the MP3 segment you want to change its ID tags, right click the mouse and choose Show Inspector or directly click "Inspector" button on the top-right corner of Macsome Audio Splitter. The ID tags setting window will pop up, thus you can customize its ID tags freely.

With Free Macsome Audio Splitter, to cut MP3 files is just a piece of cake. With its intuitive main-interface, anyone can handle this MP3 Cutter. Why not have a try?