Settings of AudioRecorder

The settings include General, Recording, Tags options, you can customize these options as you need after you click Inspector button.


    Audio Source-> The source application or device of recording audio.

    Source Type-> The source type specifies PC device and application, if you record from Internal microphone, the type is PC device.

    Output Path-> By default, You can save the recorded audio to /Users/Documents/Record Bin, or choose Custom to browse an output directory saving these audios.

    File Naming-> Name audio files according {name}{date}{time} auto naming rule

      Tips:You can use following tags (case-sensitive) combined with text in the file name as auto naming rule.

             {name}: Source Type of recording.

             {date}: Date of recording start, in "mmdd" format.

             {time}: Time of recording start, in "hhmm" format.

    Start a new file every-> Turning this checkbox on and adjusting the Minutes, Hours, MB, GB field popup will cause the file to split as set. Set it to split based on file size, or time.

    Stop recording after-> Turning this checkbox on and adjusting the Minutes, Hours, MB, GB popup will cause the recording to stop as set. Set it to stop based on file size, or time.

    Silence Monitor-> Pause recoding during silence and start a new recording when the sound starts again. This option is especially useful when recording streaming audio and net congestion temporarily stops the stream. Analog settings should be used for line input recording, and Digital settings should be used for software recordings.


Settings of recording

Output Format-> Adjust the Format pulldown for the audio format in which you'd like to record. MP3 Low or AAC Low will work for most spoken word audio, and MP3 High or AAC High will work for streaming music. If you plan to burn directly to CD, if you experience skipping or if you'd like a perfect, bit-by-bit copy of the audio, use the Custom setting as more choices.

The information of Custom:

  • Format->The recorded audio tracks format such as AAC, MP3.

  • Bitrate-> The audio bitrate determines the amount of information stored in the audio. A higher bitrate will result in clearer audio, but comes at the expense of file size.

  • Bitrate Type-> The type including Constant Bitrate, Variable Bitrate. Choose Variable Bitrate, it means the bitrate is variable, and the least bitrate is what you choosed on the Bitrate option.

  • Sample Rate-> The audio sample rate determines the "resolution" of the audio. The higher the sampling rate is, the clearer the audio is. However, this comes at an expense of a bigger file size.

  • Channels-> The audio channel determines Mono, Stereo and Joint Stereo three channels, so if you want mono channel, please choose it.


The Tags setting allows you to add information tags to MP3, AAC files or CD Tracks.

Edit tags of recorded files