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Interface of Macsome AudioRecorder
Menu of AudioRecorder
Add Devices and Applications to AudioRecorder
Settings of AudioRecorder
How to record audio flow
How to split recorded file
Edit ID Tags and burn to disc

Interface of Macsome AudioRecorder

Screenshot of Macsone Audio Recorder

Controls & Components List: The basic control area of Macsome Audio Recorder, listing sections like the Record Bin as well as all available Sessions.

  • Add Device ->Add the source audio device, such as Internal microphone, Line In.
  • Add Application ->Add the source audio application, such as iTunes, skype, iChat, DVD Player, Safari, Realplayer etc application which allow audio flow through Macsome Audio Recorder.
  • Remove ->Removes the currently selected session.
  • Inspector ->The Inspector setting includes General and Recording, Tags, you can customize these options for best recording audio to aac, mp3 files or cd tracks.

  • Record ->Record button is used for making recordings.

    Launch - Restarts the selected Application for the source audio.
    Record - Toggles the recording status of Macsome Audio Recorder, and also starts launching if an application is not currently launched. Recordings use the settings specified in the Recording tab.
    Pause - Halts recording without ending file creation. Click again to unpause and continue recording to the same file. Useful for on-the-fly editing of recordings and removal of undesired content.
    Split - Instantly and seamlessly creates a new audio file, ending the first file.
    Mute - Mutes output from the Source application or input device while the source is active. Useful for mutilple applicatons or nighttime timed recordings.

  • Record Bin->The Record Bin is used for organizing and post-processing recorded files.

    Record Bin

    Preview - Play the selected file(s). Press again to stop playback.
    Reveal - Reveals the selected file(s) in the Finder.
    iTunes - Opens the selected file(s) in iTunes.
    Burn - Brings up the burning dialog, to burn the selected file(s) to CD.

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