Add Device and Application to record audio

Adding PC Device and Application is basic operation in Audio Recorder. After adding an application or device, you must have it open a specific file. This file might be an audio file such as an MP3, or it may be a bookmark for an internet radio station. Audio Recorder will launch the selected application and record the specified file, which the application should then begin playing. Before you record audio from a source, it can be optional to set output format and enhance audio quality and so on by ajust settings, as detailed in later tutorials.

How to add pc device

Step 1: Connect Your Audio Device.

Step 2: Click Add Devicebutton on top-left of Macsome Audio Recorder, a new Input Devices box will popup.

Add devices to record

Step 3: Then in Input Devices box, adjust Input Devices listing PC Devices, then select the desired input device, eg. Line In. Using headphones can avoid a feedback loop.

Step 4: Click OKbutton, Line In will be on the list of main window.

How to add Application

Add the source audio application, such as iTunes, skype, iChat, DVD Player, Safari, Realplayer etc application which allow audio flow through Macsome Audio Recorder.

Step1: Click Add Application button on top-left of Macsome Audio Recorder, a new window will popup.

Add Applications to record

Step2: In the add application window, you can select specified application (eg.iTunes) from the application folder.

Step3: Click Open button, iTunes will be on the list of main window.

Add Applications to record


You can add Multiple applications and PC devices synchronously, and Macsome Audio Recorder can record Multiple audio flow synchronously.