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Remember playback position of audiobook

After you convert a purchased audiobook to M4A and then imports into your iTunes. Sometimes, you may find that the imported audiobook can't remeber playback position. It's not the error of conversion, but the options of your audio book in iTunes.

There is an options of "Remember playback position" for each audio file on iTunes. But if the Media Kind of the audio file is "audiobook", you can't change the option of "Remember playback position".

The method to work around is: change the Media Kind of your audio book to music, then update the "Remember playback position" option, and change "Media Kind" to be "audiobook". Please read the step by step tutorial as following.

step 1: Open the "Get Info" window of your audio book.

Right click on the audio book, select "Get Info" menu item in the popup menu. Then the GetInfo window will be opened.

step 2: Change the "Media Kind" to be "Music".

Click tab "Options" on the popup GetInfo window, tou can see the "Remember playback postion" option is disabled. Please change the "Media Kind" to be "Music". Click "OK" button.

step 3: Change back the "Media Kind" to be "audiobook".

Right click on the audiobook to open GetInfo window again. Goto the "Options" tab, check "Remember playback position" checkbox on it. Then change the "Media Kind" to be "audiobook", click "OK" button.

Then your audio book playback position can be remembered.

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