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How to play audio book on mobile phone

Convert audio book to MP3 to play on your cell phones

Want to play audio books you purchased on your cell phone? iPhone users may find it's quite easy now. For iTunes users who have cell phones other than iPhone, it may be a little incontinent and sometimes seems impossible.

But, there is always a way when there is a will. Let's show you how to play audio book on your iTunes library, for both iPhone and other cell phones.

Play audio book on cell phones

Can you play audio books you bought on your cell phone? Most cell phones doesn't support audio books. What if you want to play audo books on non-iPhone cell phones?

Well, you have to look for other ways. Since mp3 is the most universal and popular audio format, and its supported widely by nearly all cell phones, you'd better think of creating mp3 audio boook with iTunes library of audio book.

Generally speaking, there are two steps to free your audio book to play on cell phones.

1. Convert audio book your bought to mp3;

2. Copy the MP3 audio book into your cell phone.

To create ringtones with iTunes music for cell phones other iPhone, you may need:

  • Cell phone with mp3 or aac playback capacity
  • Purchased or authorized audio books
  • DRM audio book converter
  • Audio file splitter software
  • Transfer MP3 files to your cell phone.

For DRM audio book converter & aduio file splitter, Macsome AudioBookConverter is the premiere and ultimate choice. Macsome AudioBookConverter is well known for its capability of converting audio book to mp3 at magic fast speed on Mac OS X.

You may choose to convert audio books to mp3 if your cell phone supports mp3 files. Because MP3 file doesn't support bookmark, so you may split a big audio book file into several small ones with Macsome AudioBookConverter.

How to play audio book on non-iPhone cell phones

1. Download and install Macsome AudioBookConverter, and register it.

2. Run Macsome AudioBookConverter.

3. Click "Add" buttont on the audio book to MP3 converter, and select audio books you want to converter to MP3.

4. Set the preferences of output format

5. Click "Convert" button

6. Right-click on the output file on the list of AudioBookConverter, click the popup menu item "Show in Finder". Then you could copy them to your cell phones.

Convert Audible .aa audio books to MP3
or AAC to remove DRM

AudioBookConverter doesn't crack any DRM control.

It is an All-in-One tool to record audio book and encode to MP3 or AAC in 5X speed and CD quality.

So any audio format which could be play on your iTunes, could be converted to MP3 or AAC.

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playing Audible .aa or purchased
audio books on other MP3 player

Have you ever purchased audio book online from Audible or other vendor?

Tired of being limited by DRM copy-protection formats?

Do you want to play your purchased audio book on your other computer or MP3 players?

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Split a big audio file to several small ones
to fit your player

A big audio book couldn't be saved in your MP3 player or cell phone?

Don't know where have you played because the audio book is too long?

Need to batch split your audio files with ID Tags preserved?

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